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How do I scan a QR code?

1. Click on " Open Camera".
2. Make sure to allow this web app to use the camera.
3. Point your QR Code inside the camera frame.
4. The scanned data will appear in the result box.

Have more questions?

The simple answer is Yes. A web-based QR code scanner can help you to scan a QR code. Also, you would not require to download any application.

The modern smartphone has built-in QR code scanners. You can access them via your phone camera. Open your camera in normal mode and point it towards the QR code. This feature works great in iPhones. But maybe not work on some smartphones. A QR scanner app is an alternative for this.

Open your phone's Google assistant app. Tap on the lens icon and point the camera towards your QR code. Make slight moments to help the lense read it.

Use your phone camera to scan a QR code. Most modern smartphones have a built-in scanning feature. Or download any QR code scanning app. And start using it to scan the QR code.

You can scan a QR Code without downloading any application. Open your browser and then go to the QR code scanner web app. Now you can read a QR code with a camera or from an image.