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What’s a QR code Generator?

A QR code generator is a tool that helps to create a QR Code. This tool can make both static and dynamic codes. But for dynamic codes, that tool must have a database. So, there are two types of QR codes.

Static QR Code: A static QR Code is a constant code that is not editable or changed once created. Also, work for a lifetime.
Dynamic QR Code: A dynamic QR code is editable even after generated. As this type has a database so, it is quite possible to track the analytics.

What does QR code stand for?

A QR stands for a quick response (quick response code). It is a type of barcode which is scannable. And it contains the information that is fed to it at the time of creation. QR code maker is used to make these codes. QR generator is a free tool that can create QR codes with a few easy steps.

These codes will work for a lifetime. But there are some paid tools also available online. However, choosing the ring type of QR code make is very important. Because many free tools are not safe and can contain viruses, redirects, or even ask for a forced trail fee after a while.

Does QR Code Works for a lifetime?

Static QR codes work for a lifetime. However, dynamic QR codes may not. The reason for that is the database. That is why, unlike Static QR codes, the dynamic QR codes are editable. Our tool is free and works for a lifetime without any cost. But these static QR codes can not be edited or changed once created.

How do I scan QR codes?

Scanning a QR code is very easy. You can use a mobile camera or download a QR code scanner app to read these codes. Some phones have built-in QR code scanners but some may not.our QR Code scanner.

Android: Download a QR scanner app from the play store and open it to scan the QR code.
iPhone: IOS devices have built-in QR code scanners so, you do not need any extra app. Open the iPhone camera to scan a QR code. In Photo, mode hovers over the camera on the QR code then it will automatically scan it.

QR Code for Google My Business

QR codes are a great way to increase engagements for marketing purposes. Using them for receiving reviews is one of those purposes. Asking your customers to leave a review and then explaining the way to it can be difficult. So, a simple way to write a review for you with a single scan is much easier. You can read more about how to create a QR code for Google business reviews.


A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a matrix bar code. QR code contains information which is fed to it. Such as URL, WiFi code, Contact Information etc.

It's a Free QR Code Generator tool. That can create unlimited QR codes with a bunch of customization options. Such as adding custom logos, text, frames, and much more. Additionally, you can choose the type and create a QR code as per your requirement.

No, It does not stores any data. All the data is discarded once qr code is generated.

You can generate qr code for wifi password with our free qr generator tool. Firstly goto QR Generator Free then click on "WiFi" icon. Then enter the required data i.e network name, network type and your WiFi password. You can make customizations if required. Otherwise the qr code for WiFi password will be generated automatically. Finally click save and then choose your required download format. That's it!

Yes! Once you create a free static QR code, it will work forever. Nobody can make any changes to them. In contrast to these dynamic QR codes are editable.

Create a free QR code with a logo for a lifetime and unlimited customization options. Add custom frames, upload background images, text, beautiful patterns, colors, and much more. Free download in PNG, SVG, PDF formats or print out in HD quality.

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