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WiFi sharing is made simple with a QR code. Make a free QR code for the home, workplace, or restaurant WiFi.
Share the QR with friends and ask them to join with a single scan. Fill out the fields below to get started. 👇


Choose "No encryption" under network type for Wi-Fi without a password.

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How to Make a QR Code for WiFi?

To make a QR code for wifi you need three things. Network name, Network type & Password.

1. Enter your network name or SSID.
2. Then select the network type. (WEP, WPA/WPA2, No Encryption)
3. Now, enter your Wifis password.
4. Check "Hidden" only if your network is hidden.
5. Now add customization with logo, colors, frames, etc.
6. Hit save and download your WiFi QR code in print quality.

Remembering passwords is old fashion now. Be smart with a unique WiFi QR code. Share and join WiFi with a single scan.

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