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LinkedIn QR Code Generator

It's time to create a QR for your Linkedin profile. This tool helps you generate a free QR code for LinkedIn. Get discovered and bring more connections with a simple but engaging black and white barcode.

Invite Engagement

Linkedin profile QR allows you to be more engaging with your targeted audience.

Grab Attention

Get result-oriented responses visually and meet your goals.

Promote LinkedIn Profile

Get visitors to your Linkedin profile URL and increase your engagement rates.

How to get a LinkedIn QR code?

Firstly, open your LinkedIn profile and copy the URL. Now open the Linkedin QR generator and paste the copied URL in the given field. Customize it and finally download it.

How to scan the LinkedIn QR code?

You can scan the Linkedin QR from your smartphone. Open the camera and point it to your QR. Alternatively, you can use an online QR code scanner.

How to use the LinkedIn QR code?

There are several ways to use the Linkedin QR. You can use it on your resume, business card, or another important document.

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