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WiFi QR Code Generator

Our WiFi QR code generator makes WiFi sharing simple with a QR code. Make a free QR code for the home, workplace, or restaurant WiFi. Share the QR with friends and ask them to join with a single scan.

Quick Connect

Connect with a wifi network with a single scan.


You don't need to remember your network password.


It's fun, creative, and unique to share your wifi with a wifi QR code card.

Are you looking to create a QR code for your WiFi? Our WiFi QR code generator allows you to create a WiFi QR code.

This tool helps you generate WiFi QR codes online for free. That's useful to make WiFi access convenient, faster, and enjoyable. Everyone loves the internet, whether for entertainment, office work, or school work. Also, WiFi networks are used more frequently over mobile data. That is because these wireless networks are much faster and more reliable.

However, a WiFi password is required to connect your smartphone to the internet. The smartphones are capable of the scan for your nearby hotspots. But you need to know the password and then enter it to connect. So, Once you have connected your smartphone or computer to a WiFi network, you may forget it. And when you have to connect to WiFi again on another device, you will take down the router for connection information.

Sometimes, some visiting guests or friends want to enjoy the internet and may ask you for WiFi details. But it's time taking to share the information at various times. Or you might not want them to know your network details.

A WiFi QR code would be a perfect solution in such circumstances. QR code for WiFi makes it much easier to connect to the WiFi network by scanning the QR code. You need a QR code for your WiFi, get it printed on poster paper, and hang it on the wall.

WiFi QR Code

How to make a QR code for WiFi?

This tool allows you to make a QR code for WiFi with or without a password. You can follow the steps given below to create yours.

Step 1.

Open WiFi QR code generator

Firstly, open the QR code generator for WiFi.

Step 2.

Fill out the fields

Secondly, start filling in the required fields. These include the network name, type, and password. In the network name or SSID field, enter your WiFi name. Then choose WEP, WPA/WPA2 if your WiFi has a password. But if you have a WiFi network without a password, select the "no encryption" option. Check the option "Hidden" in case your WiFi network is hidden. Otherwise, you can ignore it.

Step 3.

Customize your WiFi QR code

Now you can customize your WiFi QR code with custom colors, logos, designs, and frames. It is an optional step.

Step 4.

Save and download the QR code

Finally, save and download your QR code. You can download it in various formats such as PNG, SVG, PDF, or even print it directly.

WiFi QR code use and benefits

The WiFi QR codes have several benefits and are useable in various locations. Some of the most common places for WiFi QR codes are listed below.

wifi qr card
Home (Guests, family, and friends)

Let's start with home. Our friends or guests keep visiting our homes occasionally or often. They may ask you for a WiFi password so they can enjoy the internet. In this case, if you already have a WiFi QR code card. Then you can ask them to scan it to connect with your network. That also makes it fun.

Rental Property

If you have a rental property like Airbnb, your customers will surely ask you for the WiFi key. And telling them the key over the phone would not be simple. As they might not understand it. Also, it makes them uncomfortable, which you surely would not like to do. For a richer guest experience, you can hang or paste your WiFi QR code with instructions in the room.


If you own a cafe or a restaurant, a WiFi QR code card is a must for them. You can hang your WiFi card on a prominent place with instructions or custom messages, so your customers can enjoy the internet with their meals.

Airports, Govt offices, Hospitals

Places like airports, govt offices, and hospitals must have a WiFi QR code. Because in such places, people often are in an emergency or doing important tasks. So they would always need internet access.

Tourist spots

A wifi QR code card in places like parks or prominent tourist places is necessary. As Tourists would want to share their photos over the internet in real-time. WiFi cards not give them internet access but also notifies them about WiFi availability.

What is the WiFi QR code?

A WiFi QR code makes it easy to connect to the internet through a WiFi network. That means the WiFi credentials such as SSID, password, and encryption details are in the QR code. So anyone can scan to connect.

How does the WiFi QR code work?

A WiFi QR code is a scannable code to connect to the internet. That is by scanning that QR code with an app or smartphone camera.

How to scan the WiFi QR code?

You can scan the WiFi QR code with a QR scanner app, smartphone camera, or an online QR scanner.

How to scan a WiFi QR code on iPhone?

iPhone has a built-in QR scanner hidden inside its camera. Just point your iPhone's camera toward the QR code. It will automatically connect you to the network.

How to scan the WiFi QR code in a laptop?

You can use our online QR code scanner to scan the WiFi QR code on a laptop. It allows you to decode them from an image or via a webcam.

Can I generate a WiFi QR code without a password?

Yes! To generate a WiFi QR code, choose the "no encryption" option under network type.

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